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Hello Grade 9s, this year can feel overwhelming as you are faced with Career Choices, Subject Choices and Life Choices… but you are not alone

We have packaged a series of conversations (we like to call them “chats”) where we talk to you about subject choices and the implications for your career and future opportunities.

On this page you will meet Claudia, Funeka, Michaela, Winita and their mentor, educational psychologist Amanda van der Vyver

Last year, we recruited these young people from the communities where we work; they are in on-the-job training and under our mentorship as our first group of Life Guidance Facilitators working with Grade 9s as peer counsellors. Due to school closure and social distancing, this group had to try a new skill and present on camera instead of in-front of a class. It is 2020 – Everyone is being brave and trying new things…

Part 2 - Career Fields

After you’ve learned more about who you are, take some steps to DISCOVER DIFFERENT CAREER FIELDS, learn more about them and then take time to think about which career fields would fit in with who you are.

Part 3 - Considering further education

In South Africa there are many types of qualifications and institutions to choose from. Each qualification has a specific focus and requirement and can be entered into at specific institutions. The next videos and slides explain these differences.

For a quick review of the possible Grade 10-12 subjects learners can choose from, visit Tip 5 at www.careerprep.co.za/subjects (click on each subject to expand the information). Remember that your school may not offer all of these subjects. Make sure to speak to your LO teacher or Grade 9 head for more information.